MC Power Vise

The body of the double force vise adopts a vertical rib structure to enhance the body's resistance to bending. It is made of cast iron with good ductility and its strength is 3 times higher.

Introducing the MC Power Vise from HER-BERT, the premier machine vise manufacturer from Taiwan. This vise is designed for professionals who need high-powered accuracy and precision. With its hardened steel jaws, the MC Power Vise ensures that whatever you are clamping will stay secure and in place. This means you can be sure that your projects will be held with consistent force, even when used with heavier materials or for more intensive industrial applications.

This vise has been designed with an adjustable jaw width that can be adjusted in 0.02 millimeter increments. This means that it’s the perfect precision tool for working with any kind of material. It also comes with a quick-release mechanism, so you can quickly and easily switch between jobs with ease. The built-in magnetic base gives it extra stability, so it won’t slip when in use.

The MC Power Vise is an essential tool for any professional looking for a vise that won’t let them down. With its power and precision, you can be confident that your projects will be held in place with maximum precision and security. Get your MC Power Vise today from HER-BERT – the experts in machine vises.
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