MC Power Vise-Universal Power Tilting Vise

MC Power Vise-Universal Power Tilting Vise

  • This vise is a commonly used milling machine vise, which can directly adjust the processing angle required by the target. The vertical adjustment angle can be adjusted freely between 0-50°, the marking angle is accurate, and the processing angle can be understood immediately.
  • The main body of the diagonal vise adopts a vertical rib structure, which improves the bending resistance of the main body and replaces ductile iron with 3 times the strength.
  • After heat treatment, the working surface and sliding surface of the movable body have a hardness of over 45 degrees HRC and high wear resistance.
  • The newly developed patented oil-free dual-force mechanical lifting system can easily obtain high clamping force and never retract. It has a deeper jaw than a vise of the same grade and can reliably clamp high-tech structures.
MC Power Vise-Universal Power Tilting Vise



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