MC Power Vise-Universal Powerful-Type Precision Vise

MC Power Vise-Universal Powerful-Type Precision Vise

Model:MB-100 2V、MB-130 2V、MB-160 2V、MB-200 2V MHV-100 2V、MHV-130 2V、MHV-160 2V、MHV-200 2V MPV-100 2V、MPV-130 2V、MPV-160 2V、MPV-200 2V
The MC Power Vise is made of high-strength steel alloy and comes with two precision slides that provides minimal backlash, enabling you to achieve taut, yet accurate clamping. The precise design of the jaws allows for clamping tight surfaces without leaving any marks. The swivel base brings you up to five times the clamping pressure you need to get your work done. The MC Power Vise from HER-BERT is perfectly designed for your needs. Its adjustable swivel base allows you to position it in the right spot for optimal results. Its strong grip and rigid construction makes it the perfect choice for all your clamping and holding needs. With the MC Power Vise, you can be confident that your projects will be secure and accurate.
  • The vise body adopts a vertical rib structure to enhance the body's resistance to bending. It is made of cast iron with good ductility and its strength is 3 times higher.
  • Hidden floating prevention mechanism reduces the floating rate of workpieces.
  • In the recessed groove, a movable design structure is designed to achieve the omnidirectional chip prevention function.
  • The working surface and the sliding surface of the movable body are heat-treated, the hardness can reach 45 degrees or more HRC, and the wear resistance is high.
  • The dust-proof cover design can prevent cutting chips from blocking and attaching and malfunctioning caused by iron chips.
MC Power Vise-Universal Powerful-Type Precision Vise


MB-100 2V3003005301201504540200200-
MB-130 2V3003005801252005040200200-
MB-160 2V4004006801432806040320320-
MB-200 2V4004007301483007040320320-
MHV-100 2V30030057012014545402002004000KGF
MHV-130 2V30030062012519050402002004500KGF
MHV-160 2V40040072014326560403203205000KGF
MHV-200 2V40040077014830070403203205500KGF
MPV-100 2V30030057012015045402002004000KGF
MPV-130 2V30030062012520050402002004500KGF
MPV-160 2V40040072014328060403203205000KGF
MPV-200 2V40040077014830070403203205500KGF

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