MC Power Vise-Universal Powerful-Type Precision Vise

MC Power Vise-Universal Powerful-Type Precision Vise

  • The body of the MPV double force vise adopts a vertical rib structure to enhance the bending resistance of the body. The cast iron with good ductility is selected, and the strength is 3 times higher.
  • Hidden floating prevention mechanism reduces the floating rate of workpieces.
  • In the recessed groove, a movable design structure is designed to achieve the omnidirectional chip prevention function.
  • Using oil-free, combined with the slope design, it can generate more than 13 times the force, achieve the clamping effect, and never return pressure.
  • The working surface and the sliding surface of the movable body are heat-treated, the hardness can reach 45 degrees or more HRC, and the wear resistance is high.
  • The dust-proof cover design can prevent cutting chips from blocking and attaching and malfunctioning caused by iron chips.
MC Power Vise-Universal Powerful-Type Precision Vise



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