S-ZPS - Zero Point Clamping System

S-ZPS - Zero Point Clamping System

The HER-BERT Zero Point Clamping System is the ultimate machine vise solution – perfect for maintaining high accuracy and precision in industrial applications. For years, HER-BERT has been a leader in quality manufacturing in Taiwan, and the Zero Point Clamping System is a perfect example of our commitment to excellence.
  • RH Hydraulic、RL Pneumatic
  • By using the latest product zero-point positioning system, you can greatly optimize the clamping and replacement of workpieces in production, and extend the replacement time of the machine to save costs
  • Increase the actual processing time of the machine.
  • Shorten the replacement time of workpieces or fixtures.
  • High repeat positioning accuracy.
  • A single contact interface can be applied to all machines.
  • Positioning and clamping are synchronized.
S-ZPS - Zero Point Clamping System



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