Multigrip Vise

Multigrip Vise

HMG-Multigrip Vise
  • 1. Since the design breaks through the tradition, the clamping area of the workpiece will increase regardless of the size of the square, round or irregularly shaped workpiece.
  • 2. The number of fixing devices is several times that of traditional fixing devices, which can greatly increase the utilization rate of the machine and shorten the time for mold change, thereby reducing labor costs, so that one person can own multiple machines without machines. Long-term unmanned operation.
  • 3. The flexible vise has a high reusable rate, which can reduce the cost of fixture design and manufacturing. The workpiece will never slip after clamping. For novices, the operation is very simple.
  • 4. The height and width of the main body can be used in multiple units. The high-precision tooth positioning reference plane can adjust the clamping position at will, so that it can be quickly positioned. When designing the program, the coordinate points can be easily calculated.
  • 5. The material is alloy tool steel, which has been finely ground after heat treatment above HRC55 degrees. It has high precision and long life. Suitable for vertical and horizontal CNC, surface grinder and other processing.
Multigrip ViseMultigrip ViseMultigrip Vise



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